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Creativity. We make it personal..
Every project is unique, but they all start with one thing in common: we want to know everything. Where you started. Where you want to go next. What you value.

Creative Services

Online or offline, your company, product or service must stand out from your competition. Globodyne Ltd creative team makes sure that happens by creating magic for everything from copywriting, banner ads, and print ads to marketing collateral (direct mailers, brochures, and press kits) and custom logos. But it's not all smoke and mirrors.
A great design must be guided by sound marketing principles. That's the difference with Gate Networks. We're a team of marketing professionals who understand the importance of a highly integrated communications plan.

How do you grow your brand, break through to your target audience, and keep your customers from looking at the competition? Contact us today or submit the request a quote form and we'll show you.

Our services !

Logo design
It’s stating the obvious, but hey, sometimes we all need to get back to the basics: Your logo is your company’s unique identity. It delivers an immediate first impression about your quality, professionalism, and credibility. It can invoke a degree of confidence. Or it can scream ‘unimaginative.’ Will your logo make people stop and take notice? Or will it hang like a bad suit?

Print media
From brochures and flyers to print ads and packaging, let the Gate Networks in-house team of marketing and design rock stars create print collateral that breaks through the clutter.

Banner ads
With design experience that spans the spectrum from high-end, luxury websites to simpler executions to complex and engaging Flash-based banner ad marketing campaigns, Gate Solutions delivers a cutting edge visual experience that makes an impact with your audience.

Flash design
Set your site apart with the use of Flash. In a universe of boring static web sites, incorporating Flash can be the difference between cutting through the ruthless jungle of competition with a pair of nail scissors or using a 500-horsepower chain saw. Flash is part art and part science. When used appropriately, it can boost sales, increase brand recognition and place your site above your competition.